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If your sales are flopping and your customers aren’t coming back, there might be a good reason for it: you don’t have an exceptional customer service system.

Even if you perfect every strategy out there—sales, marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting, email marketing, and even Google Analytics analysis and measurement—your business is going to flop if you don’t provide great customer service. An amazing customer support system is one thing successful businesses focus on because a successful business has one thing in common—satisfied customers.

It actually pays to keep your customers satisfied and happy because word-of-mouth marketing is very powerful. A dissatisfied customer will tell negative comments about your business and this can lead to a snowball effect. They can rant on reviews and badmouth you on forums. They can even tell their friends about it. On the other hand, a snowball effect can also happen with word-of-mouth advertising done by your satisfied customers.

Thus, it is best to pay attention to customer service and make sure they cater to your customers’ needs and wants. Why is this? Well, a negative review on websites can be hard to remove. Online shoppers research before they purchase. Once they come across the negative review, it is highly likely that they won’t purchase from you.

Although good customer service cost you time, money, and even effort, a bad customer service will lead to lost customers, sales, and profits in the long-run. Good customer service leads not only to increased sales but to increased company efficiency as well. Below are strategies to get you started on improving your customer service system:

Automating Your Processes

The automation of your processes results in keeping your customers in the loop. You can take advantage of autoresponders to thank customers for their purchases. You can also use emails to remind them of their orders and other transaction processes such as shipment of orders, cancellation of purchases, etc.

You can also send them emails with regards to promotions. You can send newsletters regarding coupons for a discount off their next purchase. In addition, you can ask for feedback regarding the items they have just bought.

Following up reinforces customers’ feelings about your business. They are also reminded that your business is “always there,” giving them the feeling that they can turn on to you for their next purchase.

Personalization And Segmentation Of Your Email Messages

In every email you send, you must utilize your customer’s name inside your messages and even in the subject line. You can even send personal birthday messages to your customers. Plus, sending personalized emails with personalized lists of new items (based on past purchases) are great ways to re-connect with customers.

The more information you get from your customers, the better you can serve them by sending them laser-targeted offers and messages. You can send them information that is relevant to what they need and want. Using email management software can make your job easier. The software will take care of the segmentation and personalization aspect of the job while you take care of other tasks relevant to your business.

Creation Of Detailed FAQ Pages

The commonly asked questions regarding your products and/or services should be answered thoroughly in a comprehensive FAQ page. You should also have a business email address people can contact. Study all of the questions received and decide which ones are frequently asked. Keep updating your FAQ page to make it more comprehensive.

When the common questions are taken care of by your FAQ page, you can spend more time on serious questions posed by other visitors. Remember, the quicker you respond to customer concerns, the more satisfied they will be.

Oftentimes, when you quickly respond and solve the customer’s problems, you’ll gain a positive rating and great word-of-mouth advertising. Angry customers can actually be calmed down with a great customer service system and you can turn them into loyal, paying customers once they know that their problems are easily solved with your support.

Make It Easy For Customers To Reach You

There are customers who are comfortable with live chat. Others are comfortable talking on the phone or sending emails. Thus, as an online business owner, it is best for you to make it easy for customers to contact you. Don’t hide your contact information. As much as possible, display it above the fold.

You can create a customer service page or a contact page which includes all your contact information as well as the FAQ page. The worst thing you can actually do is to avoid getting in touch with your customers. Letting them know you are there to help is a great way to gain positive ratings and even referrals.

Ask For Feedback

A lot of people love to share their opinion regarding products and services. You can ask your customers what they want and ask them how you can improve your products and services. This makes customers feel that they are important and being listened to. The cherry on top here is actually being able to cater to their requests.

Always Provide All The Details

You have to be clear about the full coverage of your products and/or services. Be upfront about your return and shipping policies. Tell them what’s included and what’s not included. Tell them the guarantees, warranties, and other things they might need to make an informed decision regarding their purchase. Being shady is not a good business tactic and will definitely lead to bad reputation.

Provide A Great Search Functionality

This might not relate that much to customer service, but providing great site search functionality, especially with an ecommerce store, is a great way to reduce customer queries. Give them the option to search various keywords and provide them with great search results. If you are an ecommerce store, give them the option to filter based on certain criteria such as size, shape, horsepower, computer RAM, etc.

Provide Special/ VIP Services

Are there certain discounts, services, or vouchers that only you can offer and your competitors don’t? Can you provide special products or services for existing, loyal customers? Providing special treatment is a great way to take care of customers letting them feel they are important. Plus, people are willing to spend more for great customer service. Reward loyal customers and you are sure to get more referrals and positive reviews.

Create A Self-Help Knowledge Base

Customers want answers fast. Aside from an FAQ page, you can create a comprehensive knowledge base on all the aspects of your product and/or service. In this way, they won’t have to wait in line for live chat or phone support. They also won’t have to wait for hours or even a day to get a response to their email message.

Honor Warranties and Guarantees

As a business owner, you have to face the fact that there will be faulty products sometimes. It’s an unfortunate incident but it happens. What separates you from the competition is how you handle these issues. When warranties are called upon, you must make it easy the customers to get what they are promised with. In this way, you will still get a positive rating from a customer who first got a faulty product.

Scale Your Team As Needed

There are seasons when people love to shop- Christmas, Valentine’s, Black Friday’s, Mother’s Day, etc. Thus, during this time, you have to scale up your customer service system and hire additional workers if needed. In this way, you can respond to every customer query and you can solve every customer problem out there.

Help Customers Make An Informed Decision

You can create a blog dedicated to helping customers choose the right product for their needs through buyer’s guides and reviews. If you are an ecommerce store, for example, that sells a variety of laptops and computers you can create detailed buyer’s guides on various specifications and technicalities of your products. In this way, people make informed decisions when purchasing and they can avoid being ripped off by buying the wrong item.

The Bottom Line

Customer service is an important part of your business if you want to rake in positive ratings and have a lot of referrals. Satisfaction is the name of the game. If you want satisfied customers, provide them with top-notch support services and they will surely come back to you.


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